xobox Documentation

This documentation covers both, usage and development of xobox. Please read the appropriate sections carefully before raising an issue or ask for support otherwise - there’s a good chance your question might be answered by the information provided through this documentation. Please note that though related this documentation does not cover general X-Plane or FSEconomy end user guidance.


This documentation is perpetually updated from the project’s central git repository’s master branch. To ensure you work with the latest version available, please make sure to access this documentation exclusively at https://stormrose-va.github.io/xobox/

How the documentation is organised

  • If you’re an X-Plane user, wishing to use xobox for analysing your recorded flight data (e. g. to create FSEconomy relevant profile information), try the User’s Guide.
  • The Project Documentation will tell you about the development process, and how you can contribute.
  • Reference guides contain technical reference for APIs and other aspects of the xobox machinery. They describe how it works and how to use it but assume that you have a sound understanding of programming concepts and profound Python knowledge.

Documentation Reference

Looking for a more structured overview? Have a look at our detailed table of contents, or – when seeking specific information – the Index and Module Index. For terms and notions, check out the Glossary.